Triad Youth Makers offers a variety of maker-learning experiences for youth, families, and “kids of all ages”. Our target age range is 10-17 years old, but we love to work with learners of ALL ages.

We offer experiences designed from 2 hours (minimum) to weekly/monthly sessions. Each experience can be tailored to your individual or group needs.

We use a project-based approach in all of our learning experiences. Learn more about our Project-Based Learning Experience (PBLE) model.


Intro to Python Programming

python intro

Learn the basics of the popular text-based programming language. Students should have experience with block-based coding tools (Scratch, MakeCode, etc.)

Intermediate Python Programming

python intermediate

Designed for learners who already have some experience with Python or other text-based languages.

Code Music with Sonic Pi

sonic pi

Learn to make electronic music with code! No prior coding experience or music theory necessary.

Creative Coding with P5.js


Make art with code! Designed for students interested in using code for artistic expression. th block-based coding tools (Scratch, MakeCode, etc.)

Intro to AI/Machine Learning


Explore the basics of AI/machine learning from code to ethical considerations. Students should have experience with a text-based language (Python, C, Java, etc.)

Intro to Programming/Coding with Scratch


Learn the basics of programming/coding with this block-based language. No prior coding experience necessary

Digital Making

Intro to micro:bit

micro:bit intro

Intermediate micro:bit

micro:bit intermediate

Building with Minecraft, Roblox, and/or Fortnite Creative


Intro to Video Game Design with Pico-8


Intro to Video Game Design with MakeCode Arcade

makecode arcade


Intro to 3D Printing

3d printer

Intro to Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi

Creative Cardboard Constructions

lots of cardboard!

Invention Literacy with Makey Makey


Intro to Board Game Design

board game design

Building Breakout-Style Games

breakout games

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton

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