Triad Youth Makers inspires children & families through play, tinkering and the creative exploration of delightful ideas. Our mission is to enable creative making for personal empowerment and life-long learning.

We offer a variety of maker-learning experiences for youth and families. Our target age range is 10 to 17 years old, but we love to work with learners of all ages! Making is truly for EVERYONE!

See our Experiences tab to learn more about all of our learning opportunities, including pricing and availability.

Making and tinkering have been around as long as we have, but why single it out? Put simply, we see making as a creative process wherein participants become aware of the designed world around them. Through making and tinkering, people begin to see themselves as active contributors to our world. We see this as a valuable experience for everyone, but it can be particularly powerful with young learners. They learn to empower themselves by changing and molding their world in ways that are relevant and important to them!


Meet Mike Renne – Founder and Lead Educator at Triad Youth Makers.

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